This website was created and is sponsored by the Campbell Youth Commission. It is meant to be a resource for teens of the Campbell Community.  Our hope is to provide a central location for volunteer opportunities, jobs, events, resources and much more.

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Amelia Chu.jpg

Amelia Chu

  • I love to laugh!

  • I enjoy learning about social issues.

  • I like the Earth a lot! 

Amelia Arango.jpg

Amelie Arango

  • My favorite band is Wallows

  • I love musical Theatre

  • My favorite food is Chipotle 

Aisling Lister.jpg

Aisling Lister

  • I am a vegetarian 

  • I own a rabbit 

  • My favorite color is yellow

Dhruv Kanumury.jpg

Dhruv Kanumury

  • I love to play water polo and am on the school's varsity team 

  • I hope to be a physician when I grow up

  • I play trombone and piano

Carmen He.jpg

Carmen He

  • I have a rubber duck collection 

  • I talk about books and fictional characters a lot

  • I love nature and philosophy 

Katelyn Eng.png

Katelyn Eng

  • My favorite tv show is the Great British Baking Show

  • I play field hockey

  • I have a cat named Cheddar

Kaitlyn Bender.jpeg

Kaitlyn Bender

  • I like to read in my spare time

  • I enjoy boogie boarding 

  • I love playing board games with my family

Lily Hyun.png

Lily Hyun

  • I love learning languages! I have studied Spanish for many years, I am teaching myself Korean, and am trying to learn a little bit of Afrikaans

  • I played volleyball, basketball, and track and field my freshman year

  • I work as a math tutor for kids a few days a week

Zahra Kizaraly.jpg

Zahra Kizaraly

  • I have been singing in a choir for the past 7 years

  • I love to bake

  • I enjoy musicals

Ada He.png

Ada He

  • I am currently putting together a website for a personal club/mevement called Chrysalis

  • I have started learning to play the Ukulele over quarentine

  • I spend at least an hour doing yoga every day

Simone Garcia.png

Simone Garcia

  • I love playing field hock and have been playing since 6th grade

  • I'm a big Star Wars fan 

  • I love plants and have a basil plant in my room 

Emily Tovar.png

Emily Tovar

  • I do club and high school swim 

  • I can play the Ukulele

  • I am in NHS at my high school

Hannah Wolf.jpg

Hannah Wolf

  • I have a french and english bulldog and we named him after the rat from Ratatouille

  • I love to bake and cook

  • I can't do a cartwheel

Cassie Kim.jpeg

Cassie Kim

  • I am fluent in ASL

  • I have live in Campbell my whole life

  • I really enjoy camping, especially with my friends and family!

Amogh Kanumury.jpg

Amogh Kanumury

  • I have been playing the saxophone for 5 years

  • I am in Boy Scouts

  • I want to major in business and minor in music